Slow Sunday

Outside, there are jonquils springing up in our planter boxes already. But this Sunday, Melbourne was intent upon delivering one of its trademark rainy winter days. We’ve been holed up inside our old house, thankful for a day of quiet relief after waking to find that our daughter’s fever had abated overnight. And so I put on a three-hour stew and let it simmer on the stove while she napped the afternoon away.


I also got in a few rows on my Neapolitan scarf, which is coming along slowly and steadily.


By the way, do you know the podcast Call Your Girlfriend? Originators of ‘shine theory’? I’m living for the witty and heartening exchanges between Aminatou and Ann at the moment.

And I’ll leave you with two pairs of cozy slippers for a touch of hygge as we head into the next work week. Thanks for reading! :)