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Favourite op shop finds

Favourite op shop finds


This morning, my daughter and I were happy to find a large pack of mega blocks at the op shop. Or rather, I was happy to find the blocks, knowing that she would enjoy building towers with them, while she was tenderly cradling a plastic doll with electric red hair.

At home, giving the sticky blocks a rinse in some warm sudsy water, I couldn’t help but attempt to compile a list of favourite op shop finds in my head. So here are my top five:

  1. Arabia of Finland Fennica side plates. We scored six of these for AUD $3.99. Bargain! I love the mid-century modern style of these plates.

  2. The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. This endearing book made me get back into reading again after a long break due to baby fog.

  3. Ikea Leka wooden baby gym. This was the first toy to really engage my daughter. We found it for AUD $5 at the Brotherhood of St Laurence while we were decluttering our house in anticipation of her arrival.

  4. Children’s toys. The mega blocks above, animal finger puppets, wooden puzzles, an alligator xylophone – so many toys. Op shops are great for finding quirky toys and letting them go when they’ve been outgrown.

  5. (Nerd alert!) AGPS style manual, fourth edition. I prefer the clarity and simplicity of this one over the 2002 edition. Purchased at Savers for a gold coin.

Do you visit op shops? What have been your best secondhand finds?

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