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Portrait of the artist as jumper

Portrait of the artist as jumper


For a while now, I’ve been obsessing over cosy, woolly jumpers. And I’m not the only one. A perfect jumper means cosiness, colour and warmth. It’s like the ideal hug, not so tight you can’t breathe or move, not so fleeting and slack it signals ambivalence.

Yo-yoing between clothing sizes due to pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding has challenged my sense of a constant self-image. I reckon all mothers of littlies will know what I mean. Your body goes through so much. You adjust to your physical size, skin texture, level of acid reflux, capacity to walk without needing a rest, only to have it all change the next week. Your underpants are too tight, too tight, then too loose, then too tight, and on it goes.

If you’re like me, your pre-pregnancy clothes sat in your closet for a bit, and then you sold them on eBay or dropped them into Savers. You knew you were never getting back into that date-night skirt again and that’s really, truly okay. It’s not that you want to wind the clock back at all! But a treat would surely be nice, right? A garment to wear, to love, to simply break in and feel hugged by.

Recently I stumbled upon the perfect jumper. A jumper that makes me love the tactility of things again. A jumper that makes me feel like me. My daughter is firmly into toddlerhood, so the days of milky spit-up are definitely behind me, but still I spend an awful lot of my week in grubby house clothes. Now this jumper elevates them, like colourful sprinkles atop a slightly burnt cake.


In case you were wondering, it’s the Rhythm That Dances Pullover from the Melbourne-based shop Obus. (Sold out online, I know! Sorry!) I stopped into the Northcote store on a cold, blustery afternoon after a teaching day, and happily browsed through the racks of thoughtfully made clothes. My jumper is made from 100% merino wool and it’s so soft that my eczema-prone skin hasn’t uttered a single protest.  

Do you know of any other good sources for jumpers to love?

What’s the piece in your wardrobe that makes you feel like you?

Neapolitan scarf

Neapolitan scarf